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Check Out Our Plans

Holmes Wireless Communication has a plan to fit your needs. With features like unlimited talk and text and much more, we are sure to have the right phone and plan for your small business or individual calling needs.

Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile offers great plans to meet a number of needs. With a Simple Mobile plan, you will enjoy:

30-day Unlimited talk, text & international text

30-day Unlimited 1GB - get the first 1GB at 4g LTE** speed
30-day Unlimited 3GB - get the first 3GB at 4g LTE** speed

30-day Unlimited 5GB - get the first 5GB at 4g LTE** speed

Ultra Mobile

Ultra Mobile offers monthly plans for everyone with a number of features. With an Ultra Mobile plan, you will enjoy:

  Global Text
Ultimate International
@ 4G LTE Speed
      Unlimited                                                               $1.25 
     International                                                      Call Anywhere 
            Talk                                                                    Credit
@ 4G LTE Speed
      Unlimited                          1,000                            $2.50
     International                   International              Call Anywhere 
           Talk                               Minutes                         Credit
    First 500MB @ 
4G LTE Speed

      Unlimited                          1,000                           $5.00

     International                   International              CallAnywhere
           Talk                               Minutes                         Credit
First GB @ 
4G LTE Speed
      Unlimited                          1,000                           $10.00
     International                   International              Cal Anywhere
           Talk                               Minutes                         Credit

Ultimate International offers many ways to connect, all built into the plan.

Unlimited International Talk & Text allows you to call over 40 countries and text the world. 1,000 free international minutes allow calls to more than 45 Ultra-Zero countries. Call Anywhere credit gives you bonus call credit to the world. You’ve got a lot to say, so say it!

Ultra Mobile plans also give you International Direct Dial that allows you to call internationally by dialing direct with no pins or extra steps required. A Call Me Free number means that your number is a local call in more than 40 different countries.

Unlimited International Talk includes:

  • Canada (M)
  • China (M)

  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom

  • and over 40 countries

1,000 International Minutes to more than 45 destinations include:

  • Bangladesh
  • Dominican Republic

  • India (M)
  • Mexico (M)

  • *Available on plans $29 and up.
  • (M) = Includes Mobile


Bolt plans also offer unlimited internet with endless options. The whole world is at your fingertips with blazing-fast 4G speed.

No contract means no commitments and no hidden fees. You can stay with us as long or as little as you like.

Device is $100, plus $50 including the first month.

To make sure your online experience is as fast as lightning, check if your primary service location is within an H2O Bolt coverage area.

For more information about our phones or monthly plans, reach out to us at 443-478-8424 or email [email protected]